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meet one of "the competition"...

more at the beginning, around year 2000, we did tried to join their effort and emailed them ( about that... to which "they" never replied... :(

... while we are still quite loosing this lop "race"... :(

... "but hey" ::: "they" have lots of slaves... :( ... lulz...
while we only count on our poor kidnapped retarded children yet to reeducate ... :(

yet they're still not wining as we expected ::: therefore still quite useless to us...

  though "that doesn't really work, does it? did you try?..."

    just kidding ::: we don't even yet have a shell... :(

though we could ::: be actually using MPS to code my point of view of these issues ::: but that would feel like not fair play... so i did not even tried using it... and it just feels like a joke that "the competition" has lots of human resources... lolz ::: i wish i had humans resources too... unfortunately i'm not a buyer that would have money enough even to barely pay my self to put up with my self at work barely getting nowhere slowly trying to get somewhere... :) ... which is actually good ::: not having too much money to explode so much...

to sergey ::: in case you ever read this, please laugh out loud upon this post... for the sake of my kidnapped retarded children that feed you today ::: obviously for the past 8+ years we barely work... for that part ::: please give your thanks to the sick people that enslave you... but ::: surely you wouldn't actually be even quite aware of that... and now you wonder... wtf is this about?... which is actually even more fun... advise ::: if you read this, just forget you read this... it only took my a few minutes to write.

( this is one o those posts that may as well vanish (or not) at any time, enjoy )

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