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Stratego/XT is a language and toolset for program transformation.

Step-By-Step: Moving Your Server To Linux

Step-By-Step: Moving Your Server To Linux


Programming language similar to JavaScript, but with full-featured type system and generics. The command-line compiler can generate Flash SWF files for client-side use, Neko bytecode for server-side use on Apache, or JavaScript using Browser DHTML API to create AJAX web applications.


Yola free Webhosting small review...

Yola | Build a Free Website

.Free styles suck and are few, and that would be Ok but....
.You cannot build your own style.
.U must have to their logo on the page...
But what's really bad is that the logo appears badly formated (at least in my firefox).
. If you wish to use your domain name it must be instead of allowing you to use

. You may download the site in a zip file to be published in a server with (at least) php support.
. Their site tool is simple and rigid, but seams to work nice.